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    New: CERASORB® Foam for Intelligent Alveolar Defect Treatment

    CERASORB® Foam is now available also in a 12 x 12 x 4 mm (0.5 cc) size meeting the needs of alveolar defect filling and in a convenient 3-piece set.

    CERASORB® Foam is a highly porous composite made of porcine collagen (collagen complex) and pure-phase β–TCP granules of different sizes and densities. The collagen matrix embeds the granules and stabilizes them by virtue of its fibrous structure. This special combination of the two materials provides a granular phase of 85% by weight, and thus a high volume stability after degradation of the more rapidly resorbed collagen.

    • After combining with blood from the bony defect possesses kneadability and plastic ductility
    • Moldable to conform to the form of the defect
    • Low density
    • Filling, bridging, and/or repair of non–infected bony defects, such as alveolar bone defects
    • Plastic repair of damaged areas of bone

    Indications may differ from country to country


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    Intelligent Alveolus Management

    Without bone–conserving measures, there is an unavoidable atrophy of the alveolar ridge, which progresses continuously, after dental extraction. This process results over the short – term in a significantly deteriorated pre-procedural condition for later conservative prosthetic or implantological treatment. In addition, the degradation of the bone of the jaw frequently adversely affects the patient’s aesthetic appearance.

    Using CERASORB® Foam this is a thing of the past. Expensive and complicated follow–up treatment of this undesired effect can generally be prevented by prompt regenerative procedures aimed at bone regeneration.

    Why CERASORB® Foam?

    CERASORB® Foam is a highly porous material combination comprised of porcine collagen and pur–phase β–tricalcium phosphate granules (CERASORB®). This combination has a two-fold action. Collagen supports early phase of bone regeneration, while the high proportion of CERASORB® granulate ensures longer-term volume stability. The material is completely degraded over the long term, replaced by autologous bone, and thus creates the necessary stability for later implant restoration.
    The specification and the customizing of CERASORB® Foam provide easy handling in the operatory thanks to the moldability to fit the defect and comfortable positioning.

    Small filling — sustainable added value

    Intelligent alveolus treatment with CERASORB® Foam brings obvious advantages. Optimized treatment aided by this innovative therapy contributes to the preservation of aesthetic appearance and to patient satisfaction. Your practice benefits from the resulting image enhancement and competitive edge. And in particular, intelligent alveolus treatment contributes, as a sensible enhancement of a routine procedure, also to the economic success of the practice.

    CERASORB® Foam is now available also in a 12 x 12 x 4 mm (0.5 cc) size meeting the needs of alveolar defect filling and in a convenient 3–piece set.