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    Impression materials

    Brilliance extra hard

    Flowable, radiopaque composite-filling-material for restorations of Bis-acrylate-materials and for fillings of the classes III, IV and V.
    Polishable, flowable while application and thixotropy after...

    Brilliance transparent

    Brilliance transparent is a crystal-clear, additional-setting silicone with mint-flavour. It is usable as a matrix for light-curing anterior- and lateral-teeth-composites. Used as......

    Ideal Light

    Ideal Light available in cartridges is a low-viscous impression-material based on additional-silicones for the impression-technique.It makes a direct and bubble- free application onto the teeth or....

    Ideal Medium

    Ideal Medium Ideal Medium available in cartridges is a medium viscous impression-material based on additional-silicones for all kinds of impression-techniques. It makes a direct and bubble-free application onto..

    Ideal Putty

    Ideal Putty is a base impression material for the (two step) double-, sandwich- and double- mix- technique. It is based on additional- silicones, easily kneedable and slightly hydrophilic. Ideal Putty...