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    Lining Materials

    Calcident 450

    Radiopaque, water-based pasty-suspension containing 45 % calciumhydroxide for direct and indirect pulp-capping.PH-value more than 12.Calcident 450 protects the pulp in case of acid-containing fillings...

    Calcident LC

    Light curing and x-ray opaque Calciumhydroxide for the indirect pulp-capping. Fast and easy handling due to light curing properties and delivery in ready-for-use syringes.

    Glass Liner

    Glass Liner is a lightcuring, radiopaque cavity liner with a very high pressure-strength and good adhesion to the dentin. Glass Liner contains glass-ionomere, fluorides and could be applied directly....

    Glass Liner II

    Glass Liner II is a two- component lining-material. It is light-curing and radiopaque. It contains a high pressure- strength and strong adhesion to the dentin. Glass Liner II contains glass- ionomere,...


    Securacem is a two-component glass-ionomer-cement especially created as lining- material. It contains fluorides and can be set under all kinds of filling- materials.